LEARN HOW TO TURN BACK THE CLOCK ! 

                                                  "What would it be worth to you if you could regain your vim and vigor?  In    
                                                  the privacy of your home or office, you can turn back the clock, regaining a 
                                                  level of fitness that you believed had long since passed you by.  My clients 
                                                  prove that fact everyday"

        5 Key Advantages of Ultimate Best Training

•     Train in the convenience of your home or office – no more fighting traffic as you drive to and from the 
       gym – saves you valuable time
•     No more than 1-2 hours a week needed to regain your strength, balance and flexibility – it works and
      saves you time
•     Your training program will ultimately give you the option to workout on your own schedule, 
      to be independent of a trainer
•     As you advance through the Ultimate Best training system, your investment per workout decreases
•     Learn Impact CORE Training (based on my martial arts training) – program unique to Ultimate Best 
      that enhances balance, flexibility, core strength and confidence


•     All equipment is provided 
•     Learn how to workout safely, effectively and technically correct
•     Can train up to 4 people together
•     Learn proper breathing techniques
•     All workouts are recorded, so you can track your progress
•     Regain your physical confidence
•     Cardio programs are available

      Please go to the TESTIMONIALS page to see what my clients say about the training.  Then, click the 
      ‘CONTACT US’ page so we can get started.  Make the decision today!  You will never regret it!

      Good Luck and Good Health!

      Rick Almand
      Certified Personal Trainer
      ACE & AFAA Certified



      5 Key Benefits Advantages of Ultimate Best Training
        Additional Benefits

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always 
  to try just one more time."
                                                                                Thomas Edison