Benefits from Cardio
   Benefits from Resistance
   Benefits from Flexibility
   Reasons to Warm Up
   Reasons to Cool Down
   6 Classes of Nutrients and Their Functions
Reduced Blood Pressure                                                
Decreased Body Fat Stores
Increased Heart Function
Decreased Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Increased Oxygen Consumption
Increased Blood Flow to Active Muscles                           
Increased Capillary Density                                            14   CARDIO BENEFITS
Decreased Anxiety, Tension and Depression
Decreased Total Cholesterol
Increased Mobility
Cells More Sensitive to Insulin
Increased Life Expectancy
Improved Appearance, Posture and Self Confidence
Improved Quality of Life
Denser Bone Structure (Wolff’s Law)         
Less Chance for Injury
Less Stress on Joints
Cells More Sensitive to Insulin
Less Chance of Falling
Look Better, Feel Better                                              12  RESISTANCE BENEFITS
Better Chance of Enjoying Later Years
Increased Testosterone and Growth Hormone
Weight Control (Increased Metabolic Rate)
Better Transit of Food Through the Body
Better Able to Handle Stress
Regain Physical Self Confidence
Increased Blood Flow to Muscles
Takes the Muscles out of Tension
Reduces Soreness the Next 24-48 Hours
Decrease Risk of Injury
Increase Neuromuscular Coordination                    11  FLEXIBILITY BENEFITS
Improve Posture Awareness
Decrease Lower Back Pain
Reduces Stress
Enhances Enjoyment of Work or Play
May Decrease Joint Degenerative Progression
Helps Improve Definition in Muscles

                                            REASONS TO WARM UP

Redirects Blood Flow to Muscles (increase delivery of oxygen and nutrients)
Neurologically Prepares Body for Exercise
Psychologically Prepares the Body for Higher Levels of Activity
Screening Mechanism of Potential Physical Problems at Higher Levels of Activity
Improves Performance
Increases Elasticity of Connective Tissues
Reduces Premature Onset of Lactic Acid at Higher Intensities

                                          REASONS TO COOL DOWN                                                         

Allow Heart Rate to Return to Normal (blood tends to pool in the lower extremities 
May Reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Reduce Chance for Dizziness and Fainting
Optimal Time to Stretch
Reduce Tendency for Muscle Spasms or Cramping

                                                             (from ACE Personal Trainer Manual pg 119)

            Protein:  - Builds and repairs body tissue
                           - Major component of enzymes, hormones and antibodies

            Carbohydrates:  -  Provides a major source of fuel to the body
                                         -  Provides dietary fibers

            Fats (Lipids):   -  Chief storage form of energy in the body
                                      -  Insulate and protect vital organs
                                      -  Provide fat-soluble vitamins

            Vitamins:   -  Help promote and regulate various chemical reactions and 
                                  bodily processes
                               -  Do not yield energy themselves, but participate in releasing 
                                  energy  from food

            Minerals:   -  Enable enzymes to function
                              -  A component of hormones
                              -  A part of bone and nerve impulses

            Water:   -  Enable chemical reactions to occur
                           -  About 70% of the body is composed of water
                           -  Essential for life as we cannot store it, nor conserve it 

"It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome"
                                                     William James   1842-1910   phychologist & author