Fitness Consultation CD - "Know why you should exercise"

                                                         FITNESS CONSULTATION CD

                          Do you know the answer to these questions?

"How does resistance training improve weight control?"

"When do you stretch?"

"What is the synergism between resistance training and balance?"

"How does deep breathing increase energy?"

                                                                                "Listen and Decide"

The answer to these and many other fitness questions are covering in this CD.   Entitled ‘Fitness Revolution  Step 1: The Consultation’, the CD outlines the many benefits that come back to you when you start taking care of your primary asset....your physical health.  This 34 minute audio seminar will give you more than enough reasons to get up off the couch, drive past the fast food pickup window and inspire you to get going.  Below are sound bites from each of the 8 tracks.  If you feel that the information you received from these excerpts is valuable, how many more important keys to optimizing your health will you obtain from the full 34 minutes?   Imagine taking your workout from a 'C' level to an 'A+' level with just a few simple changes.

                                   Introduction                                                                                       Flexibility 

                                       Nutrition                                                                                           Balance

                                       Cardio                                                                                 Breathing Techniques

                                 Resistance                                                                                          Conclusion


"Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing til it gets there"
                                                                  Josh Billings   1818-1885   humorist and author